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Your liver won't whine when you drink wine

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We've read about so many benefits of red wine, haven't we? How it helps your heart and blood pressure? Well, a new cross-sectional study looked at over 12,000 people and added your liver to the list of things red wine benefits in your body.

The study found that people who drank up to one glass of wine per day saw their risk of liver disease stop by about half. Specifically, they examined NAFLD, known as Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, which is the most common form in the US. The resveratrol (a polyphenol and anti-fungal chemical) present just under the skin in red wine grapes is believed to be the major reason for this benefit. The same study confirmed that beer and other forms of alcohol can harm the liver, just as we figured all along, so remember, this is just wine we're talking about here.

So when your red wine is in a soup, no less, how can you resist?

Blend the goodness of lentils, curry, yogurt and vegetables with that red wine to make my pungent, hearty ChefMD®-approved Curried Lentil Soup. It'll fill you up and help your liver love life–just as you will!

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From: hotdish4

How about chardonnay? Does it have ANYTHING healthy about it?

From: Rollingalong

What about grape juice for alcoholics or those who want to avoid alcohol?

From: kcalla

Is there a kind of red wine that won't give me a headache?

From: Kristine13826

Isn't eating red grapes or muscatel grapes just as good for you as drinking red wine???? I am a non alcoholic by religion because I am Mormon by faith and this is what we are told.

From: Dengstrom

For Alcoholics and others who do not want to consume wine...
Polygonum Cuspidadum (herb) also known as HuChang, contains significant amounts of Resveritrol. Draco Natural Products, Inc. ( is a known, quality manufacturer of herbal extracts. They manufacture a Standardized Herbal Extract of Polygonum Cuspidadum, standardized to 15% Resveritrol (with Low Emodin). It is important to make sure you get a quality product low in emodin. Draco's products are all natural extracts meaning 100% purified water extraction with no carriers or exipients of any kind. They built their own manufacturing facility that is Organic Certified, Kosher Certified, and ISO9001:2000 certified. They only sell in bulk to businesses, but you might be able to ask them where to buy their produts retail. I hope this helps! Another side benefit is that it helps lower cholesterol!

From: eyra

I like to know,wich red wine is better to drink?

From: aida

I take white winw, red wine gives me headaches. Is not the same?
Eyra, I think Merlot is the one that has more reveritrol

From: nkralj

1.can drinking concord grape juice instead of vine have some beneficial for NAFLD?

2. Which vine would be good for this purpose?

From: rayson

Both red and white wines have resveratol, but it is significantly high in red wine. The medical benefit is not just resveratol but combining it with alcohol. So moderation is the key. Also drinking red wine with food increases the digestion of food. If one does not drink alochol they can get partial benefit from concord grape juice. Either way, the supplement is not the same as grapes or the red wine. Sometimes too much of the resveratol as in a supplement might be harmful. The best red wine that I have tasted is Burgundy wine, served chilled (low 60's) and NEVER room temperature!

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